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Fractional Laser Treatments

Anti-ageing treatment for deep lines, wrinkles and retexturing skin

Resurface | Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment

Resurface is the most powerful technology used targeting the dermis (second layer of skin.) Resurface causes micro thermal wounds in the skin, resulting in dramatic skin renewal as retexture takes place to the surface of the skin during the healing process. This helps to smooth out any uneven skin, leading to a ‘silky’ soft complexion. In addition to skin renewal, Resurface will help in the relaying and replacement of collagen fibres to dramatically reduce even the most stubborn lines & wrinkles.

Our powerful laser technology is designed to retexture the skin for maximum smoothness. Your skin is encouraged to “work younger” over time, reducing the appearance of lines an wrinkles, tightening pores and erasing any textural irregularities, with the benefits of a completely natural appearance.

Fractional Laser Treatment starts from £95.00.

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