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Alexandrite Painless Laser Hair Removal - Motus AY

Introducing the brand new Motus AY, the world's first and only "pain-free" True Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal System, the gold standard in Alexandrite technology.
Regardless of skin type, we can treat every client with the specialist FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) approved Alexandrite Laser using 'Moveo' laser technology,

Why choose the Motus AY for your laser hair removal?

Bristol Skin Clinic is delighted to be offering the latest innovation in Laser Hair Removal technology.

The Motus AY Laser Hair Removal system is an excellent choice for men and women wanting an effective “pain-free” solution to unwanted hair. Our brand new Motus AY can even treat finer hair regardless of skin type, which other traditional IPL systems and lasers cannot. Therefore, clients who have been put off having laser hair removal (thinking it would be too painful ) can be rest assured that it is “Pain-Free”, the treatment times are fast and the results are excellent.

Benefits of Using the Motus AY Technology

  • Pain-free using a contact-cooled sapphire tip
  • Quicker treatment times (over 30% quicker than most traditional laser treatments)
  • Able to treat ALL skin types
  • Ideal for treating more challenging fine hair
  • Safe and results driven

Is my skin type suitable for treatment?

We can treat all skin types, however we are unable to treat hair that is grey or white as it has no melanin.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale

Image result for fitzpatrick scale skin

Consultation Process

We undertake an initial complimentary 10 minute consultation to determine suitability for treatment and the procedure will be explained. During this consultation you will be required to fill in a consultation form disclosing full medical history.

If suitable, you will require a further in depth consultation where our Laser Practioner will identify your hair colour and skin type, ask for a consent form to be signed and take photos for before and after comparisons. We also undertake a patch test to gauge how your skin reacts and we will discuss any concerns you may have. Providing there are no adverse reactions, clients can then proceed with treatment 1 week after the patch test has been given.

In order to carry out a full in depth consultation and patch test, there will be a non- refundable fee of £25.00. However, the £25.00 fee can be redeemed against the purchase of a course of treatments, which will need to be booked and started within a month of the date of the patch test.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The light energy provided by the laser heats the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle and effectively destroys it without damaging the surrounding cells.

What does Motus Laser treatment feel like?

The Moveo device moves quickly and efficiently across the surface of the area being treated causing a mild tingling sensation. The treated area may feel a little warm afterwards.

Moveo Device with Contact Cooled Sapphire Tip

How long does it take?

The Motus AY can give up to 30% faster treatment times than other comparable laser systems and can take as little as 3 minutes on smaller areas.

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal treatment?

The treated area can appear slightly red after a treatment and the hair follicles may look slightly raised or bumpy for 24-48 hours. Other side effects are rare and full aftercare information will be provided for you to take home.

How many treatments are required?

A minimum of 6 treatment sessions are needed, however, further treatments may be required for optimum results. Treatments are administered every 4-6 weeks on the face and 6-8 weeks on the body.

Laser hair removal & tattoos

We cannot treat hair directly where a tattoo is present. This is because the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the ink and it can cause your tattoo to break down. If the laser went over your tattoo, it could potentially reduce the colour significantly. If you do have a small tattoo in the area you wish to be treated, this can be covered and the area will still be treatable. Your Practitioner will be able to advise you during your consultation if your tattoo is going to pose a problem when administering a laser hair removal treatment.

Treatment Single Treatment Course of 6
Face & Neck
Mono Brow £48.00 £266.00
Ears (Outer) Lobes £48.00 £266.00
Upper Lip £48.00 £266.00
Chin £48.00 £266.00
Nose £48.00 £266.00
Jawline £75.00 £416.00
Cheeks £75.00 £382.50
Sideburns £75.00 £382.50
Neck(Front or Back) £75.00 £416.00
Full face £159.00 £710.00
Lower face £110.00 £530.00
Underarms £68.00 £360.00
Full Arm inc Hand £159.00 £740.00
Fore/Half Arm Inc Hand £110.00 £520.00
Hands £63.00 £350.00
Fingers £45.00 £250.00
Standard Bikini £75.00 £330.00
High Bikini £89.00 £390.00
Brazilian £129.00 £560.00
Hollywood £149.00 £590.00
Buttocks £115.00 £570.00
Naval £48.00 £266.00
Nipples/Areolas £58.00 £290.00
Feet £58.00 £322.00
Toes £48.00 £266.00
Full Leg Inc Feet £279.00 £1,150.00
Half Leg Inc Knee £175.00 £810.00
3/4 Leg £229.00 £1,100.00


Mens Single Treatment Course of 6
Mono Brow £48.00 £266.00
Chin £65.00 £361.00
Full beard £149.00 £695.00
Neck £79.00 £438.00
Full Arm Hand Inc £175.00 £840.00
Half Arm Hand Inc £109.00 £589.00
Underarm £69.00 £383.00
Full Back Inc Shoulders £285.00 £1,150.00
Full Back Exc Shoulders £245.00 £1,100.00
Half Back £149.00 £750.00
Shoulders £135.00 £688.50
Chest £149.00 £625.00
Abdomen £155 £625.00
Nipples £58.00 £322.00
Buttocks (Cheeks Only) £135.00 £688.50
Manzillian £195.00 £850.00


Laser Hair Removal Booking Conditions

The £25.00 deposit for the consultation and patch test is non-refundable. It can only be redeemed against a course of laser hair removal treatments.

If you fail to attend your consultation and would like to rebook please note an additional consultation fee of £25.00 will apply.

Clients who attend a patch test have a month to pay and book for their Laser Hair Removal treatments to ensure the patch test remains in date. Clients will be charged again to conduct a further patch test should this not be adhered to.

Single laser hair removal treatments need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Please note the following; if you are unsuitable for treatment on arrival due to ignoring advice given during your consultation, then clients currently on a course of treatments will forfeit that treatment and single laser treatments appointments will be charged in full.

Cancellation, failure to arrive for appointments and late arrival

Clients who do not give 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change their appointments will be charged in full for the treatment, as failure to turn up leaves our practitioners unable to book alternative clients at short notice.


A consultation will be required before any treatments are administered and Full Medical History must be disclosed at the time of consultation.

Suitability for treatment will always be determined by the Practitioner during consultation.

New clients wishing to take advantage of any offers must have consulted, booked and paid for a course before the end of the promotional offer.

Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion and discounts and are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


A ‘Treatment Course’ is a fixed price and may not be purchased in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. All treatment courses must be taken within 14 months of the date of purchase; any treatments left untaken after 14 months will be forfeited unless a proven medical reason prevents this.

Bristol Skin Clinic will endeavour to ensure that your appointment runs to time; however, for reasons beyond our control, we may need to cancel or postpone your appointment at short notice. In this unlikely event, we will make every effort to contact you in advance. We do not offer compensation if we cancel or change your appointment.

Courses of 3 treatments are available but can only be purchased as ongoing treatments once the initial course of 6 treatments has been completed.

Booked courses are non-refundable and cannot be used against any other Bristol Skin Clinic or pamperbanana Metro Spa treatments, products or services.

Multiple Area Courses

When booking several areas, the treatments must be taken all together at the same time as this has been reflected in the price for our multiple courses. Once treatment has begun it will not be possible to transfer sessions within a course to other areas of the body. Please also note patch testing is compulsory and undertaken specifically on the chosen area to be treated.

Clients cannot mix and match courses, therefore courses of 6 sessions will be carried out solely on the area it was purchased for.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can only be used on single full price treatments.


Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

Various (Estimated)

Recovery Time

Immediately (Estimated)

Back to Work

Immediately (Estimated)



Sensitivity Period

48 Hours (Estimated)

Duration Of Results

Long Term (Results may vary)

Risks & Complications

Redness, irritation & itchiness

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