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7 Benefits of Regular Facials

04th May 2022

We explore the seven benefits of regular facials and how this can impact your skin for a youthful, clean glow.

The facial is a multi-step skin treatment that can tackle diverse skin concerns. When experienced regularly, the process will significantly improve your skin, showcasing smooth and silky, yet youthful confidence and glow.

There are various facials suited to benefit every skin type. With professional skin care experts available to personalise a facial tailored to your skin concerns, your journey to perfect skin is only a consultation away. But what are the benefits of receiving facials regularly?

Deep Cleanse to The Skin

Receiving a facial from a professional profoundly cleanses and exfoliates the skin. This process dramatically removes dirt, oil, and impurities that your home cleansing routine may miss. This creates a fresh canvas for new skin cell growth, a fresh appearance, and a beautiful glow.

Even Skin Tone

The texture of your skin is of vital importance. An uneven skin tone can take the form of redness, acne scarring, sun damage, blemishes, or patches of colour. Having regular facials such as the Environ Collagen Power Facial can exceptionally refine the appearance of an uneven texture, regenerating and hydrating the skin for future makeup and skincare products to be placed onto the face evenly.


Various facials combine luxury and relaxation with high-performing active ingredients to address skin concerns. Skincare practitioners can integrate pressure points and facial massages into your facial routine to help relieve toxins, promoting circulation while relaxing your body and senses.

Anti Aging

Our facials contain anti-aging peptides, which have been clinically proven to help regenerate skin cells, improve moisture levels, and promote collagen development and elastin production. Having regular facials will redefine a youthful appearance in conjunction with tighter skin preventing wrinkles and protecting you against UV.

Acne and Acne Scarring

If you have acne-prone skin related to trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin, a facial is a fantastic option to cleanse these areas and deeply minimise the risk of breakouts. The exfoliation element is also a contributing factor to help prevent acne as the facial will deeply exfoliate the dead skin cells, unclogging pores. Furthermore, regular facials can aid in countering acne in the future.

Woman having face mask applied with a brush

Provides a Skin Detox

An at-home facial routine is the best way to remove dirt buildup on your face throughout the day. However, your skin discards the waste that it accumulates and, when this is unsuccessful, leads to painful breakouts. A skin detox is necessary to remove all the dead skin cells created by cleansing, and facials provide various innovative ingredients to produce a successful skin detox.

You Experience Expert Care

At Bristol Skin Clinic, we outstandingly combine expert cosmeceutical brands with innovative treatments and high-tech systems to create a unique facial regime specifically designed for you. Our skincare experts can advise you on AlumierMD skincare products to add to your daily routine, beneficial to your skin all year round.

If you are interested in facials or would like to improve your skin condition, get in touch at Bristol Skin Clinic to consult with us regarding your skin concerns or to book your first treatment.

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7 Benefits of Regular Facials

04th May 2022

The facial is a multi-step skin treatment that can tackle diverse skin concerns. When experienced regularly, the process will significantly improve yo...