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5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

11th April 2022

Besides the removal of hair, there are many other benefits of choosing laser hair removal. We share some of the additional benefits of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a brilliant way of removing hair, with the goal of permanent hair removal. Laser treatments work by heating the melanin in hair follicles with lasers to destroy the follicle without damaging the surrounding cells.

Besides the removal of hair, there are many other benefits of choosing laser hair removal, which you may not have realised. We share some of the additional benefits of laser hair removal.

Helps Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Whether you shave, wax or epilate the hair you want to remove, there is always the risk of getting an ingrown hair as the hairs regrow. This is an annoying and sometimes painful part of traditional hair removal methods, but with laser hair removal, you won’t need to worry about ingrown hairs developing.

Regular laser treatments can help to completely eliminate ingrown hairs, stopping one of the biggest problems that usually comes with hair removal.

If ingrown hairs are causing you issues when you shave or wax, then a laser hair removal treatment course could be the solution.

Stops Cuts, Burns or Scars

When dealing with sharp razors or hot wax, there is always a risk of cutting or burning skin during the hair removal process. This can be painful and leave unsightly marks on skin, things you’ll likely want to avoid!

Our Motus AY Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal provides painless hair removal without the risk of cuts and burns. While the treated area can appear a little red or bumpy in the 24-48 hours after having laser hair removal treatment, afterwards, your skin should be smooth and hair free, without any cuts, bruises or burns.

woman with laser hair removal on armpit

Thinner Hair Regrowth

While it cannot be guaranteed that laser hair treatments will permanently stop hair from regrowing, it can certainly help with the frequency and thickness of regrowth. After each laser hair removal treatment, it will take longer and longer for the hair to regrow.

If hair does regrow, then it is likely to be thinner and sparser before, making the hairs less noticeable and easier to manage.

Don’t Need to Wait for Regrowth

With waxing or hair removal creams, you have to wait for a certain amount of regrowth before attempting to remove hair again. With laser hair removal, this is not the case; you can have your next treatment even if the hair hasn’t regrown yet.

Likewise, as soon as you start getting stubble coming through between sessions, you can shave it, if you would like.

Smoother Skin

Removing hair with laser hair removal treatments will reward you with much smoother skin than other forms of hair removal. Waxing and shaving can leave you with ‘chicken skin’, or less of a smooth finish.

Laser hair removal makes skin a lot smoother, eliminating the possibility of bumpy skin or stubble making skin rougher.

If you think you could benefit from what laser hair removal treatments have to offer, then get in touch with us at Bristol Skin Clinic to book your laser hair removal in Bristol.

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